May News: New Enhancement Packages

May News: New Enhancement Packages

We often get questions on how businesses can stand out among a sea of exhibitors during an expo – in the recent past, “sponsorship” was the answer… but that one-size-fits-the-biggest-budget approach just doesn’t work anymore.

“Having a title sponsor for an event is great, they get the promotion they pay for, but if you don’t have the $2500-$5000 it takes to be “the” sponsor you’re relegated to a tiny logo spot on posters and a link on the website. Luckily, that old mentality is out the window and new ways to make an impression are here!” shared Angie Simonson, Marketing & Event Strategist at Lundeen Productions. “We’re excited to unveil several enhancement opportunities for all of our shows.”

“These enhancements are really exciting,” said show producer, Tracy Lundeen. “Depending on which enhancements you choose you can make an impression on attendees before, during, and after the show. You can choose just one, or if your budget allows – as many as you like.”

For more information on enhancement packages for our shows, please email angie@thelundeengroup.com