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Exhibiting is an investment in your business

Exhibiting is an investment in your business

An Investment in Your Business That Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank

One of the many advantages of participating in a live event is that businesses big and small get to compete on a level playing field.   Each starts the day with some square footage of floor space, a smile, and a few takeaway marketing pieces.  Their return on the day has nothing to do with how big their marketing budget, which mass media outlets they are running ads on, or how many retail locations they have – it’s simply how they use their space and time at the show.

Sure, some may argue it’s easier for bigger companies to afford a booth at an expo.  But I’m guessing those folks haven’t heard about LP EZPay.

We know it’s hard for smaller businesses to pay for their full booth upfront – which is why we’ve always offered reservations for a small deposit and deadlines for half and full payment.   Now we’ve made it even easier.   With LP EZPay, for a one-time $15 processing fee, you can split the cost of your booth over the months remaining until the next show.   Signing up is easy, read on to learn more!

LP EZPay: How Does it Work?

“For a dollar a day…”  It’s an old marketing line, but it’s true, if you look at a marketing expense over time, it’s easy to see the value.  A list of leads from an expo will continue to bring you business throughout the year.  A small booth at our Women’s or Senior Expo will only cost you $1.02/day… Even our most expensive booth, a corner spot at the Wedding Show is only $2.05/day.

Buy now, Pay off before the show.
Our LP EZPay plans make it easy to pay for your space.   After a $100 deposit, we can set-up a payment plan for a one-time processing fee of $15, that allows you to make a monthly payment in order to pay for your booth before the show.

You’ll receive a monthly invoice with the amortized fee.  You can pay online with PayPal or a credit/debit card, or you can print the invoice and send with a check.   Your booth only needs to be paid off prior to the show.
Billing starts the month following your deposit.

If renewed at the show, Standard Size Booths
(after $100 deposit) are only*:

Duluth Wedding Show:  $50.00

Duluth Women’s Expo: $43.18

Gitche Gumee Wedding Show: $40.90

The GO Show: $43.18

*This example uses an 11 month payment schedule and does not include the one-time processing fee of $15 charged the first month.