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Expo FAQs

Expo FAQs


  • How big is my booth? And what is included?
    Refer to your exhibitor agreement, but a typical standard booth is 10’ across by 8’ deep, and includes one skirted table and chair.
  • Is there a divider between me and the booth next to me?
    Yes, your booth is made with pipe and drape. Your back wall is 8’ tall and your side curtains (what
    separates you from your neighbor) are about waist high.
  • Can I hang a banner or sign in my booth?
    Yes, it is encouraged! Vinyl or cloth banners with grommets work particularly well.  The convention center will provide “S” hooks at no charge to hang these from the back curtain.
  • When can I setup my booth?
    Typically, the doors open the day of the expo at 6 am, although some events do offer early setup options. Carts are provided by the convention center on a first come, first served basis, but you may want to bring your own cart or dolly.
  • Where do I park to unload?
    Generally, we have convenient access in front of the convention center for easy load/unload. Our staff will be at the entrance to show you to your booth and assist you.  After you are done unloading we will direct you to the parking areas.
  • Is internet access included in my fee?
    No, internet is available from the convention center, but for an additional price.
  • Can I bring extra tables and chairs for my booth?
    Yes you can. You’ll find it is much less expensive to bring your own rather than renting additional from the convention center.

AND most importantly, remember to read your exhibitor agreement form and your exhibitor information (mailed to you prior to the event) answers to almost all questions can be found in those places.  If you have any additional questions, please ask us as soon as possible.