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Expos: Not just for the big guys

Expos: Not just for the big guys

Expos Not Just for the Big Guys

Face-to-Face Marketing shouldn’t just be an option for those businesses with bigger budgets, which is why we have small booth options that can get you in our shows for around $1 a day and payment plans to protect your pocketbook.

Marketing your business in the 21st Century is not as simple as it used to be.  Just a decade ago you could buy an ad in the newspaper, yellow pages, or on the radio and if you had the right message and product, customers would come through the door.  Not necessarily anymore!

Today, the media market is saturated with conventional radio, satellite radio, internet, newspaper, directories, television via cable, satellite, and streaming, direct mail, social media, and more.  It’s nearly impossible to stand out in a crowd.  Where can a person turn to when
marketing their business?

Our expos put you front and center to “the crowd”, we will bring prospective customers to you… a storefront to thousands in just one day!  All you have to do is give them a reason why they should become YOUR customer.

Small businesses and multi-level marketing entrepreneurs often benefit the most from expos.  Not only do you meet a thousand or more people in a single day, but you gain valuable insight on your products/services and brand, network with other exhibitors, and head back to the office with a bunch of leads!  Talk to us today about setting up shop at a Lundeen Productions Show.