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You signed the paperwork… What happens next?

You signed the paperwork… What happens next?

You’ve taken the first step to meeting hundreds, if not thousands of prospective new customers, face-to-face at a Lundeen Productions Expo.

Marketing your business in the 21st Century is not as simple as it used to be.  Just a decade ago you could buy an ad in the newspaper, yellow pages, or on the radio and if you had the right message and product, your phone would ring and customers would come through the door.  Not necessarily anymore!

Today, the media market is saturated with conventional radio, satellite radio, internet, newspaper, directories, television via cable, satellite, and streaming, direct mail, social media, and more.  It’s nearly impossible to stand out in a crowd.  Where can a person turn to when
marketing their business?

Our expos put your front and center to “the crowd” with face-to-face “Guerilla Marketing” at its best.  Rarely can you see your advertising dollars work for you in a way where you can directly meet and interact with your potential client/customers.  At a Lundeen Productions Expo, we will bring prospective customers to you… a storefront to thousands in just one day!  All you have to do is give them a reason why they should become YOUR customer.

The following information is intended to help introduce you to being an expo exhibitor and includes tips and tricks to help make your booth successful. 

1) You will (or may have already) receive a fully executed copy of your agreement form.  Please review the form to be reminded of booth specs, payment deadlines, and the terms and conditions on the reverse side.

2) You will receive periodic emails from us with important expo information and tips to help you improve your experience.  Please make sure to read the information provided, and respond with any questions that may arise.  (Make sure we are in your address book so we don’t end up in your spam box).

3) Between now and the expo this is work to be done.  Do you have business cards?  Brochures and/or flyers for your company?  Do you have a banner or sign for your booth?  Do you have plenty of information or samples you can display or distribute?

4) About two weeks before the expo you will receive an envelope in the mail from us with your exhibitor credentials.  Exhibitor passes, booth assignment and information regarding set-up and the venue are included in this mailing.