Women’s Expo Magazine Goes Big for 2020

Women’s Expo Magazine Goes Big for 2020

Duluth Women’s Expo Magazine Full-Size for 2020
We’re excited to announce the Duluth Women’s Expo magazine, “Her View”, is taking the leap from ½ page size to a full-size magazine for the 2020 show.   “We’ve had full-size magazines for the wedding show and our senior expo for 18 years and 10 years, respectively, and we know they offer great value to our attendees, and our exhibitors and advertisers,” said show producer, Tracy Lundeen.  “The Duluth Women’s Expo is growing by leaps and bounds and it dawned on us that we were overlooking a big opportunity to help our exhibitors connect with the audience.”
Research finds that consumers are more likely to engage with magazine ads magazines is a leisure activity – giving them more time to interact with ads (BIGresearch).  Consumers have a more positive attitude toward magazine advertising (Yankelovich, Dynamic Logic) and trust magazine ads more than any other media (Simmons Multi-Media Engagement study). All of this means magazines are a smart investment. 

“Key reasons why businesses choose magazine advertising are for scale and target,” explained event and marketing strategist, Angie Simonson.  “Our event magazines are distributed to between 2,000 and 4,000 in the span of a day to a highly-targeted audience.” 
“Our goal with our show magazines is to be an enhancement for our exhibitors and attendees.  We love having our exhibitors/advertisers featured in stories and coming up with content that educates and entertains our readers.”
If you’re interested in reserving space in our new full-size Duluth Women’s Expo Magazine “Her View” or advertising in any of our magazines, email angie@thelundeengroup.com