Doing Business From Your Booth

Doing Business From Your Booth

Maximize Your Expo Investment!

Exhibiting at a show is a unique and effective way to market your business.  There is no other form of marketing that puts you face-to-face with several hundred to thousands of potential customers in just a few hours.   But, your space won’t do the work for you.  To get the most out of your expo investment follow these tips:

  1. Have a plan:  Why are you there? What are your goals?  Consider these things before planning your exhibit space. 
  2. Know the audience:  There’s a saying “Give the people what they want”.  Know your audience going into the expo so you can showcase the products or services that will attract them to your space. 
  3.  Pre-Promote:  Of course the producer of the show will promote the event, but they may only share your presence there is a list of exhibitors.  Maybe a social media follower has been meaning to contact you for a while now but that phone call or email keeps dropping down their to-do list.  A simple post on social media will let them know you’re there and get them to your booth.  
  4. Judge your booth by its design: Everybody does it.  You may sell the best stuff but if your booth is a tablecloth and a pile of business cards you won’t attract much attention.  Your booth doesn’t have to be elaborate, but it sure should be interesting. 
  5. Do a drawing:  An easy way to build a database of potential clients is to offer a prize drawing that requires their contact info.  
  6. Practice makes perfect:  Practice your greeting and a 30-second sales pitch.  While you’re at it brainstorm some engaging questions that will help you figure out your visitor’s needs and how you can help them. 
  7. Have a takeaway: People visit a lot of booths at a show.  Create a rack card, postcard, brochure, or flyer that they can take with them.  Design the piece so it has a little space for you to write a note – whether it be “Thanks for stopping by, Your Name”, the service/product they were interested in, or a special deal just for them. 
  8. Man Your Booth!:  Make sure someone is at your booth at all times to maximize your presence at the show. 
  9. Eyes up: Put your phone and computer away and make eye contact with attendees. Say “Hi”, ask them how their day is, and invite them over to check-out what you have to offer.

Follow-up:  Don’t wait too long to follow-up with your leads after the show!