Defining Success at a Show

Defining Success at a Show

Making the most of your time at the show
Participating in expos and shows is a phenomenal way to promote your business while getting a big bang for your buck.  Trade show marketing is one of the few ways you can put yourself directly in front of potential customers – giving you a face-to-face opportunity to connect and convert them into a customer.   Shows are also a great way to stay in touch with current customers. 

Many businesses aren’t quite sure how to determine if their participation in an event was a success – and that’s because there are several ways to define success at a show.  The obvious metric is ROI – getting in front of a ton of people and making sales.  While it’s impressive and exciting to see thousands of people walk by your booth in a day – if you can only convert a few of them, that feeling of success can be short-lived.   Some can be discouraged when traffic at an event is slow – but often these are the times when having the right person behind your booth can lead to a great ROI.  Less traffic gives you more time to talk with attendees and a better chance that attendees will stop by your booth – because they can actually get to it. 
Getting the chance to chat with an attendee builds that connection and ups your chance for conversion or at the very least educates someone new on what you do – hopefully, they’ll think of you first when they need the product or service you offer, or better yet, refer a friend. 

Other avenues to success at a show include building your list of prospects, generating awareness for your business, networking with other exhibitors who could refer business your way, seeing your booth and collateral pieces in action and finding ways to improve them for the next show, and practicing/tweaking your pitch as you give it until you see it start clicking with attendees.
Amp up your opportunity for success by losing the “if you set-up they will come” mentality and formulate a show strategy that will ensure you will benefit from an event.  Promote your appearance at the show beforehand to your customers and on your website and social media.  Pick the right staff to put in your booth. Make your booth design inviting. And make sure to follow-up with all of your prospects.