Facebook Booth Promotion

Facebook Booth Promotion

When it comes to marketing a small business, it’s often easy to commit to small marketing efforts – like boosting a social media post, buying a small ad in a local paper, or tangible things like printing business cards and brochures.   You might even boost several posts a month with the end result being a lot of “likes” but not a lot of action.  But it’s easy to spend $20 here, $50 there – even if the return isn’t that great.

For some small businesses, investing in a tradeshow booth is a little out of their budget comfort zone.  $500-600 for a day of marketing can seem like a lot.  But participating in an expo is not the same as media marketing or boosting social media posts.  You have to ask yourself, “how much would I pay to meet potential customers face-to-face?”  Potential customers who took time out of their day to physically come to you.  Our shows average over 2,000 attendees, and all of them are there because they are interested in what our exhibitors have to offer.   Not only do you get to make a first impression or make a sale right there on the expo, but you also get to see how your customers react to your products, services, or marketing.  And our shows are a great way to get rid of that stack of brochures behind your desk that haven’t moved in months.

Don’t believe expo marketing can stack up next to traditional media or social media?  Here’s your chance to try it for 1/2 Price.  Now through 5/17 register your business for a chance to win a 1/2 price standard booth at one of our expos and 1/4 page ad in a corresponding publication.   The winner will be chosen at Noon on Friday, May 17th.

To qualify, please fill out the form below, and follow one or more of the Lundeen Productions Facebook pages (Find them here: The GO Show, Duluth Wedding Show, Duluth  Women’s Expo, Gitche Gumee Wedding Show).  Please read our rules and disclaimers below the form as well.

*Winner will be chosen at random and announced at Noon on Friday 5/17/19.
*Winner can choose a standard booth at one of these shows: Duluth Wedding Show, Gitche Gumee Wedding Show, Duluth Women’s Expo, or The GO Show)
*Subject to individual expo space availability (one per Direct Sales line)
*Direct Sales vendors not eligible for Gitche Gumee Wedding Show
*Must be a licensed business in Minnesota and in good standing
* The winning business must have followed at least one of the Lundeen Productions LinkedIn pages (Duluth Wedding Show, Gitche Gumee Wedding Show, Duluth Women’s Expo, Go Show, or Lundeen Productions)
*Current and past exhibitors are not eligible for this promotion.
*Non Profits are not eligible
*Booth space is not transferable and can not be subleased or assigned
*Does not include electric or internet service (those are available through the convention center)