Zoom Backgrounds!

Zoom Backgrounds!

Have some fun in your zoom meeting with a custom background, starting at $10.

Choose from these images and we’ll add your logo.
After purchase, send your logo to angie@thelundeengroup.com


You may be at home, but you can make it look like you’re at the office!

Office With Chairs – $10

[wp_cart_button name=”OfficeChair” price=”10.00″]

Desk – $10

[wp_cart_button name=”Desk” price=”10.00″]

Office with Plants – $10

[wp_cart_button name=”OfficePlant” price=”10.00″]

Office Logo TV – $10

[wp_cart_button name=”OfficeTV” price=”10.00″]


Want some quick camo for the basket of laundry sitting on the couch waiting to be folded, or just don’t want business connections to see inside your space – replace it with a home image.

Home – $10

[wp_cart_button name=”Home” price=”10.00″]

Log Cabin – $10

[wp_cart_button name=”LogCabin” price=”10.00″]


Invite a friend to join in on your meeting. Everyone needs a smile these days!

Squirrel – $15

[wp_cart_button name=”Squirrel” price=”15.00″]

Sheep – $10

[wp_cart_button name=”Sheep” price=”10.00″]

Cat – $15

[wp_cart_button name=”Cat” price=”15.00″]

Good Boy – $10

[wp_cart_button name=”Dog” price=”10.00″]


Logo Wall – $15

[wp_cart_button name=”LogoWall” price=”15.00″]

Chalkboard Logo Wall – $10

[wp_cart_button name=”ChalkboardLogo” price=”10.00″]


Maybe you need a day at the beach or want to don a hat and mittens and pretend you’re meeting from the North Pole – anything goes in Zoom!

Beach Chairs – $10

[wp_cart_button name=”BeachChairs” price=”10.00″]

Beach View – $10

[wp_cart_button name=”BeachView” price=”10.00″]

Winter Scene – $10

[wp_cart_button name=”WinterScene” price=”10.00″]


Looking for something really custom? We can create a Zoom background using your own image(s) or with free stock images to get just the look you’re going for. Whether you want a friend peeking over a fence, to pretend you’re on safari, or maybe a shot from outer space. We’ll contact you for more information after you place your order. Totally custom images are $40

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