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A Message from Lundeen Productions

A Message from Lundeen Productions


Hi Friends,

As the crisis we are currently in continues to deepen and take us into uncharted territory more and more, I’ve spent hours trying to put my arms around it and figure out what to do for my business, my family and my friends.

This is a tough one. Usually, older people like me depend on our life experiences to draw answers from. I want to be the rock, a leader, an inspiration, but, like so many of you that are younger than me, I have little experience to draw from to deal with this.

SO…..I will leave it like this. We will get through this. It will be not be easy, we will all have our own challenges and crosses to bear BUT we will get through this. This is not a time for politically motivated hate or blame. This is a time to care about your fellow human beings.

Do what you can to help your family, friends and neighbors through this but please don’t forget to please take care of yourself.

Let’s not lose our cool, or overreact. Stay calm.