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Options that work for every size business

Options that work for every size business

Lundeen Production events offer several options to make exhibiting an option for any size business.  Whether you opt for a smaller booth, or use our LP EZPay system, getting face-to-face with your customers has never been easier.

1) Consider a Small Booth.  Our small booths are half the length of our full booths but see just as many people.  They can’t accommodate a big display or a bunch of salespeople.  But it really only takes a friendly smile and confident person in your booth to make an impact and generate a long list of leads our shows.

2) “For a dollar a day…”  It’s an old marketing line, but it’s true if you look at a marketing expense over time, it’s easy to see the value.  A list of leads from an expo will continue to bring you business throughout the year.  A small booth at our Women’s or Senior Expo will only cost you $1.02/day… Even our most expensive booth, a corner spot at the Wedding Show is only $2.05/day.

3) Buy now, Pay off before the show.  Our LP EZPay plans make it easy to pay for your space.   After a $100 deposit, we can set-up a payment plan that allows you to make a monthly payment in order to pay for your booth before the show.   If you reserve a small Women’s Expo Booth six months in advance, the monthly fee (after the $100 deposit) is just $45.83/month!